Católica surpasses by 40% mid-term target of the Project Training for Resilience

Tuesday, July 4, 2023 - 14:19

Universidade Católica graduated 95 more students in STEAM areas in 2022, compared to 2020. This is a result of 140% against the target of 68 additional graduates for this date, in the context of the Project Training for Resilience funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, and is the 1st interim result presented by Católica in the project.

With this commitment, whose final goal is to graduate 669 more graduates in STEAM areas by the end of 2025, Católica intends to contribute to the increase of graduates in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), at a national level.

Alongside this goal, the Project Training for Resilience also aims to increase the participation of more 5 537 adults in programmes for updating and retraining skills. The reinforcement of the quality of the University's equipment and infrastructures will benefit more than 21 thousand students.

Additionally, the Universidade Católica is committed to the creation of 3 post-graduate schools/alliances, which aim to reinforce the updating and reconversion of skills of the adult population.

To achieve these goals, Católica counts on the total funding of 8,563,495 €, under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, through the programme-contract, signed with the Directorate General of Higher Education, in 2021.

Learn more about the RPP in Recuperar Portugal.

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Católica ultrapassa em 40 % objetivo intercalar do Projeto Training for Resilience