Degree in Philosophy

Program Description

The undergraduate course in Philosophy provides direct contact with the most important themes of contemporary thought and with the great questions of the History of Philosophy.

Through specific cultural training and the development of the abilities to reflect, create and synthesise, the study of Philosophy facilitates incorporation into work teams in the most diverse areas, as well as into research and teaching.

The area of Philosophy is complemented at the FFCS by the Master’s course in Philosophy with a specialisation in Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts, the Master’s course in Philosophy with a specialisation in Ethics and Political Philosophy or the Master’s course in Philosophy with a specialisation in Philosophy of Religion.

Why Philosophy?

The choice of a degree in Philosophy will make it possible to be employed by public and private institutions in administrative and cultural areas; libraries and documentation centres; text editing; research and teaching.

Deepen your knowledge of languages

In a world marked by globalisation, knowledge of foreign languages is an asset for personal and professional enrichment. The undergraduate course in Philosophy provides the students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of two languages, allowing them to acquire a high level of competence.

Customise your Degree

Optional Curricular Units

In order to allow the student to reinforce the area of specialisation of his or her interest, the Degree program includes a diverse set of optional curricular units.

As a complement to the theoretical and practical training offered and in order to promote inter and transdisciplinarity, students may choose to attend curricular units taught in another area of specialisation in which they have an interest, as well as other curricular units taught in other degree courses of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences or other Faculties of the Catholic University of Portugal or in foreign universities that the students attend during their exchange period.




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