Program Description


This Intensive Course aims to provide fundamental skills in the Portuguese Language at the grammatical, communicational and argumentative levels, both in writing and orally.
The aim is thus to respond to a deficiency that is often diagnosed, having as its horizon the broad linguistic and cultural space of Lusophony, as well as other countries where Portuguese is not spoken, but where interest in the Portuguese language is growing.

Target Audience

Young people and adults who seek to strenghten their Portuguese language skills: pre-university students (Secondary Education) who intend to enroll in higher education courses; as well as other people with interest, in order to improve their performance in various areas of professional life.
Anyone interested in the course can apply, even those who live in other countries, because there is a planned hybrid – face-to-face and online – teaching modality.


This Intensive Summer Course has an eminently practical nature, improving fundamental knowledge of the Portuguese language, mainly through exercises and the exploration of situations of linguistic communication.

The teachers of this Intensive Portuguese Course are lecturers in the area of Humanities (Language, Literature and Culture), with extensive experience in teaching Portuguese.

Duration: 40 h (Portuguese Language, 16 hours; Portuguese Literature, 12 hours; Classical Studies, 12 hours); one week.




Tel: (+351) 253 20 61 00