Program Description

The undergraduate course in Tourism  is based on a relevant curricular plan, a qualified teaching staff and benefits from the solid image of prestige of UCP in higher education of excellence. In addition, the course has the support and cooperation of prestigious national and international partners linked to the travel and tourism sector, namely, national associations of Hotels and Restaurants, Hotel Groups, Tour Operators and Cruise Operators, Municipalities, Information and Communication Technology Companies and reference Institutions in the area of Culture and evaluation. It also counts as a partner with the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations - NGO recognised by the World Tourism Organization.

The course does not have an integrated Master's degree. However, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences has a Master's in Tourism, with two branches of specialisation: Management and Administration and Cultural and Religious Tourism.

The curricular plan of the course includes an internship in a reputable organisation/company in Portugal or abroad.

The course has a high rate of employability, with approximately 90% of the students getting a job after finishing the course

Why choose Tourism?

In order to meet the market's needs and opportunities for growth and employment, the Tourism course has as its main objective to provide the student with a training of professional, inter and multidisciplinary excellence. Thus, the specific objectives of the course are:

  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge in key areas for the exercise of tourism activity;
  • Develop in students transversal skills, highly valued by the labour market;
  • Stimulate entrepreneurial, creative and innovative capacity;
  • Prepare future professionals for entering the labour market, namely through internships in renowned companies.

Deepen your knowledge of languages

 The course provides knowledge of languages, namely through three semesters of English and two semesters of one of the following languages: French, Spanish or Mandarin. In addition to the choice of optional language, students in the 3rd year may choose curricular units that best fit their profile and future objectives.

Customise your degree

Optional curricular units

In order to allow students to reinforce their area of specialisation of interest, the degree programme includes a diversified set of optional curricular units.

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Testimonial -  Ana Paula Gonçalves

Ana Paula Gonçalves

Turismo. Um setor onde a competitividade e o talento acontece de pessoas para pessoas. Turismo é património, cultura, identidade, inclusão, academia, criatividade e paixão.