Mission, Vision and Strategy

“In Splendore Lucis Vestrae “

The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences has, behind it, a Christian philosophical and humanistic tradition that is central to its identity. The search for truth, reasoned critical reflection, the dialogue with culture and science, the dialogue between faith and reason, the defense and development of the human person in all its aspects, from conception to death, the attention to Ecology, are some of the salient points in the exercise of its teaching and research.

As defined in the Statutes of the UCP, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences seeks to be very attentive to the great contemporary problems and challenges of humanity, trying, through critical and demanding research, in the context of a culture of and for truth, and of a personalist pedagogy, to find ways, in synergy with civil society, the business world and the Church, that lead to the construction of an increasingly just and inclusive society.