Scholarships for students with 60% disability or more

"The Government, through the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, has defined as one of the aims of the legislature the "Inclusion for Knowledge" initiative to promote access to higher education and knowledge for citizens with special needs, considering that in this way the conditions are created for the exercise of the rights that are conferred to any member of a democratic and inclusive society.

In this sense, students with a disability of 60% or more may apply for a scholarship corresponding to the amount of the tuition actually paid.

By application of the State Budget Law for 2020, this grant will correspond to the value of the tuition fee actually paid, up to the maximum value of the tuition fee subsidy awarded by the FCT, I. P., for obtaining a doctoral degree in Portugal, currently set at 2,750 €".

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To apply for the scholarship students must:

  • Be enrolled and registered in an institution of higher education;
  • Prove the degree of incapacity by means of a medical certificate of multipurpose incapacity;
  • Have their tax and social security situation in order.
In the Student Support Office you can receive all the explanations and support for your application.

You can also see all the information at