Besides the equipment available at the building of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (FFCS), students, staff and visitors can also make use of other equipment present at the Braga campus:

Communication Studios 

The communication studios belong to a set of technology, video, sound and image equipment that the Braga Regional Center offers to the academic community. 

These communication laboratories are divided between television, radio, photography, written press, design and web design, and aim to enrich the practical training of all students in a working environment. 

  • The Radio Lab has two broadcast studios and a newsroom. 
  • The Print Journalism Lab, is the room where the Comunica*te newspaper is edited, a communication element produced by the 2nd year class of the Communication Sciences degree course. This studio is also used for editing design and web design projects of the various degrees of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences. 
  • The television laboratory is divided into two areas, the photography studio area and the television study area.
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