Degree in Portuguese Studies

Program Description

The undergraduate course in Portuguese Studies is an educational proposal open to the dynamics of the contemporary world. It is composed of five major scientific areas: Linguistic Studies, Foreign Languages, Literary Studies, Classical Studies and Cultural Studies. Some distinctive marks: openness to the Lusophone and universal literary space; the study of Europe's cultural identity; approach to new cultural horizons and technological applications; option for a consistent comparative perspective in the various areas.

This is a course that prepares the student for the exercise of a profession in areas that imply a broad-based training, namely professional exercise involving critical discourse analysis, textual criticism, text editing, linguistic consultancy and revision, cultural consultancy, language technologies, the teaching and learning of the Portuguese language.

Students from this course may pursue studies at the FFCS at the Master's level in Digital Communication, Portuguese as a Foreign/Second Language, and Tourism.

Why Portuguese Studies?

The degree in Portuguese Studies is a scientific area with enormous potential, considering Portuguese speakers. It aims to provide an up-to-date scientific training, open to the dynamics of the contemporary era, in the area of Languages, Linguistics, Portuguese Literature, memory and European cultural identity, with an openness towards the Lusophone and universal space, without forgetting the surrounding community.

The Institution's proximity to the community obliges it to be attentive to its needs, namely by preparing staff for society, through appropriate scientific, professional, ethical and deontological training, inspired by the church's social doctrine.

Throughout its history, the Faculty has privileged the formation of people who are qualified for a committed social intervention, faithful to the cultural values of the national community, and respect for the human person.

Deepening the knowledge of languages

In a world marked by globalization, knowledge of foreign languages is an asset for personal and professional enrichment. The undergraduate program in Portuguese Studies offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of three languages, allowing them to acquire a high level of competence.

Customize your degree

Optional Subjects

Allowing students to reinforce the area of specialization of their interest, the degree program includes a diverse set of optional courses. 

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