Computational Thinking and the Knowledge Economy

Program Description

Computational thinking is not programming, it's a way of looking at reality.

Digital skills are not simply programming skills. They are skills for thinking and planning for a digital world.
The world has changed. We are moving from an economy of ignorance, of cheap labor, to an economy based on knowledge, in a very complex world in which information and interactions spread at speeds never before thought possible.
Computational thinking, the ability to analyze problems and formulate solutions in terms that can be carried out automatically by an information processing machine, must be combined with a global vision of how the economy works today.
Católica Braga offers an advanced training program in Computational Thinking and the Knowledge Economy aimed at professionals who, from teaching to companies and local authorities, are faced with the need to update their training in a practical way that is compatible with the exercise of their usual activity, creating skills to see and analyze the digital reality.

Course structure and timetable

The program consists of 10 modules, which are developed in 5 2-hour sessions, each consisting of a theoretical proposal and a practical challenge to be developed during the session, in an accompanied manner.
The sessions will be held daily, from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 - 19:00 at a location to be designated.
This program will have up to three editions a year, one before Christmas, another between Christmas and Easter and a third after Easter, depending on the number of candidates.


Modular format, no ECTS and no assessment:

  • Knowledge Economy 
  • Computational Thinking 
  • Data Analysis and Networks 
  • Web Services
  • Python I 
  • Digital Culture
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Data Science 
  • Industry 4.0 
  • Python II 




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