Institutional System - Via 12th grade

Applicants who have completed the 12th grade or legally equivalent qualification.

Applicants who have completed Secondary Education or only 12th grade abroad. To do so, they must obtain the legal equivalence to Portuguese Secondary Education.

As far as entrance examinations are concerned, candidates who have taken the national entrance exam in Portugal or the final exam of the homologous subject in higher education abroad are admitted. To find out which terminal subjects are analogous to the entrance exams requested, contact the FFCS.

The following entrance examinations are admitted for candidacy:

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES entrance examination

Applied Data Science

Mathematics A or Portuguese and Mathematics A

Communication Sciences

Portuguese or English or History

Portuguese Studies

Portuguese or History 


Portuguese or History or Philosophy 


Biology and Geology or Portuguese or Philosophy 

Social Work

Portuguese or English or History 


Portuguese or English or Mathematics 


In the 1st application stage, all candidates who meet the conditions for access will be ranked.

In the 2nd phase they are ranked together and on equal terms:

  • Candidates not admitted in the 1st phase due to their application score being lower than the minimum value set by the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences will pass for admission in this phase;
  • New candidates.

Applications to the FFCS-Católica undergraduate programs for 2022/23 will be made online or in person.

Note: The application will only be considered complete after payment of the fee and delivery of the respective documentation