At the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, students who show high academic performance are rewarded annually with Excellence Awards and Scholarships.

This Scholarships and Awards program is open to any student who meets the conditions set out in the regulations.

What are the conditions for obtaining a merit-based scholarship at the FFCS?

1st Year

In order to encourage students' academic application, students enrolling for the first time in higher education who have completed the 12th grade, with access averages equal to or higher than:

  • 17.00 values for students enrolled in Communication Sciences;
  • 16.00 for students enrolled in the Bachelor's Degrees in:
    • Psychology;
    • Social Work; 
    • Tourism;
    • Portuguese Studies;
    • Philosophy;
    • Applied Data Science.

Remaining years

Students in the remaining years of the Bachelor's Degree and Integrated Master's Degree who are attending a degree course for the first time and finish the previous year, at the Braga Regional Center, with an average mark of 18 (eighteen), having successfully completed all the course units foreseen in the study plan for the respective course and year, without any interruption in attendance, will benefit from a scholarship worth 75% of the tuition fee.

Notes: The scholarships will contemplate a maximum number of 10 students per degree, selected according to their respective access averages.

The average access grade for students applying under the vacancies for those over 23 will be calculated by the average of the grade of 12th grade and the grade of the access exam.

The averages are considered without rounding.