Program Description

In-Company Training


The Advanced Training Course "Intervention in contexts of vulnerability and social risk" is the result of a cooperation agreement between the Portuguese Catholic University - Braga Regional Center and Cáritas Diocesana de Vila Real. It has been specially developed to meet the training needs of professionals in the field who work with populations in situations of vulnerability and social risk, based on challenging approaches that highlight the importance of the theme of happiness for human fulfillment.

With a total duration of 48 hours, the course is aimed at bachelor's and/or master's graduates (with a course completed or in progress) in areas such as Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Criminology, Social Education, Educational Sciences, among other areas of the Social and Human Sciences.

The main objective of the course is to train participants by updating them on the knowledge and tools essential for working in contexts of social exclusion and vulnerability, using an approach that combines theory and practice. Participants are challenged to rethink their practices in order to better identify, analyze and intervene more effectively in the complex social dynamics that characterize social exclusion and reintegration in contemporary times.

Course participants will be equipped with tools, techniques and methodologies that will strengthen their role in transforming the living conditions of the populations they serve, based on an analysis of the objective and subjective needs perceived by people, as well as their strengths/potentials.

This course will not only broaden understanding of contemporary social challenges, but will also provide professionals with new tools as agents of change, capable of making a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of people and communities in situations of vulnerability and risk.



  • To provide a solid base of theoretical and theoretical-practical knowledge based on the social and human sciences, essential for understanding and intervening effectively in the phenomena of social exclusion/inclusion.
  • Integrate reference theories and practical action programs that are relevant to the social contexts studied, with a view to reformulating social practices and policies.
  • To enable participants to identify and intervene in the various factors that contribute to social disinsertion, through a multidimensional and theoretically informed understanding of social problems.
  • Develop critical thinking skills for analyzing and transforming the objective living conditions and subjective perceptions of excluded individuals, using multidimensional approaches.
  • Equip participants with specialized instruments, tools and mechanisms for intervention with socially excluded and/or socially vulnerable populations.



Tailor-made training

This training can be replicated or adapted to the specific needs of interested social organizations which, independently or in partnership with other entities, are interested in training their technical staff.

The training can take place at the premises of the Portuguese Catholic University in Braga or at the premises of the interested or promoting organizations. Prices available on request.