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Doctorate Researcher in Educational Sciences| #ScienceForUkraine
Published 11.04.2022 | Updated 03.06.2022
Doctorate junior researcher in Psychology or Educational Sciences
Published 31.01.2022 | Updated 28.02.2022
Science manager
Published 01.12.2020 | Updated 22.01.2021
Doctorate junior researcher in Philosophy
Published 01.12.2020 | Updated 01.12.2021
PhD Grant in Philosophy
Published 30.07.2020 | Updated 30.07.2020
PhD Grant in Linguistics
Published 30.07.2020 | Updated 30.07.2020
Doctorate principal researcher in THEOLOGY AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES
Published 08.02.2019 | Updated 18.04.2019


Legislation, regulations and norms

FCT Regulation for Research Studentships and Fellowships

FCT grants Regulation PT version (EN documents available

Research Fellowship Holder Statute 

FCT Stipends values

> Fellowship norms under FCT R&D Units and Projects

Scientific Employment Stimulus > Regulation PT version  (EN info)

DL 57/2016

Lei n.º 57/2017

Research Projects

Regulation on Projects Funded Solely by National Funds

FEDER / Portugal2020 (PT version)