Master in Digital Communication

Program Description

The internet and the digital environment have introduced mutations in personal, group, organisational and mass communication.

Web 2.0 and with it social media and other new technological media have created a new communication paradigm, inexorably bidirectional and marked by participation and interaction. More and more individuals and organisations think, create, represent and communicate reality through innovative digital content.

Consequently, the market needs professionals with communication skills to respond efficiently to an online and constantly changing world, to new ways of producing and managing information, new ways of acting and interacting, new organisational and business models, new forms of entertainment, new artistic models.

What does this course offer?

The Master in Digital Communication at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences responds to the need to train researchers and professionals equipped with the theoretical, technical and practical skills to analyse, build and manage this new communicational paradigm and this new digital society.

It offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and integrated training, which combines a solid theoretical base with the application of knowledge in the development of professional and research projects in specific and diverse contexts of digital communication and in the media, organisational, educational, recreational and artistic fields.

The Master is aimed at all those who develop or intend to develop innovative digital communication strategies in companies, institutions, media and in the various contexts and challenges of entrepreneurship.

  • To reflect on the implications of the Internet and Web 2.0 in the context of new practices and new communication challenges in today's digital society; 
  • ATo analyse the new digital communication paradigm from a multidisciplinary perspective (sciences of communication, language, cognition, culture, business, design and visual arts);
  • To critically understand the issues, methodologies and strategies of current digital and social media;
  • To develop the skills of creation, planning, management, distribution and evaluation of digital communication in the private and public spheres and in various fields such as traditional and new media, business, organizations, education, entertainment and the arts;
  • To use the different digital 2.0 technologies and explore their communicational possibilities in corporate, business, organisational, advertising, marketing, and journalistic contexts, such as digital journalism, creative, educational and entertainment industries, like digital games and other artistic entertainments;
  • To develop a strategic project of digital communication, with the possibility of implementing it in a company, start-up, audiovisual production agency, advertising agency, media outlet, design studio, etc.

Holders of a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences, Audiovisual and Multimedia Productions and related areas are eligible to apply.

Candidates who do not hold a Bachelor's degree in the aforementioned or similar fields, but who present an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that attests to the necessary skills to carry out the cycle of studies, may also apply.

Career opportunities:
  • Production and management of digital and interactive content;
  • Creative and entertainment industry;
  • Advertising and media agencies;
  • Marketing and advertising consultancy;
  • Digital technologies.

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Testemunho MCD - Milena Dantas (Brasil)

Milena Dantas

Assessoria de Comunicação na Universidade Federal da Paraíba
"Trabalho com comunicação institucional em mídias digitais. Este Mestrado permitiu-me aprofundar os meus conhecimentos em Comunicação Digital, um campo tão instigante.”