To apply for the Degree in Tourism, it is necessary to pay a fee of 120,00€.

If you use the over 23s modality, it is necessary to pay a fee of 195,00€. 

You may also be subject to a special entrance fee of 50€, if you are a candidate who has completed secondary education abroad, and whose equivalence process is intermediated by UCP.

After admission, it will be necessary at the time of registration to pay the registration fee, including school insurance and card, in the amount of 365,00€.

The first tuition fee is paid in the month of October, until the 10th. The monthly tuition fee is 387.00€ (for 30 ECTS per semester) for admitted students (12.90€ per credit unit) totaling 3,870.00€ annually.

If you are a student auditor you will pay 7.90€ per unit of credit.

Subsequent annual enrolments will cost 285€.

Note: The application fee, registration and first tuition fee are non-refundable.




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