Library Pe. Júlio Fragata, SJ

The history of the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal is intertwined with the recent history of the Society of Jesus in Braga. 

With the creation, in 1934, of the Beato Miguel de Carvalho Institute of Philosophy, which would become a Pontifical Faculty and, later on, a Faculty of Philosophy (the first Faculty of the Portuguese Catholic University), this Library started to integrate the offerings of several colleges of the Society of Jesus.

The bibliographical collection was enriched, especially from 1945 onwards, with the beginning of the publication of the Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, not only through numerous exchanges and regular sending of books for recension, but also through multiple offers from private individuals, and new acquisitions carefully adjusted to the needs of the academic community.

Its documental collection, endowed with a considerable variety of documents and in the most diverse types of support (monographs, periodicals, and other materials), is formed by two main funds, the General and the Reserved. The latter includes the scientific production of theses, reports, and academic dissertations of the Faculty, and the old book collection, with volumes from the 16th to the early 19th centuries. Rare copies, first editions, autographed works, and books with out-of-print editions have also been carefully preserved; the Migne and Corpus Christianorum collections are organized in a special section.

While maintaining a prominent place in the original building, the Library has been expanding its area by two more floors, having already occupied the old classrooms and corridors of the former Faculty of Philosophy. Considered one of the most valuable nationally in the area of Philosophy, the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences now gathers a vast collection of works from various fields of knowledge: Philosophy, Literatures, Linguistics, Psychology, Religion, Theology, Social Sciences, Communication Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine, Art, Sports, Geography, History, Tourism, Music, and Generalities.

Broad areas of knowledge: Generalities, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Theology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences; Medicine, Art, Sports, Language, Linguistics, Literature, Geography, Biography, History, Music, Tourism.

Number of titles: 115,000

Number of periodicals: 2,000

Specific Funds: Ancient Book; Migne Collection; Corpus Christianorum Collection; Isabel and Luís Couto dos Santos Fund; Francisco Videira Pires Fund.

Number of workstations: 53

Number of research terminals: 2

Other resources available: printer, scanner

Number of study desks (individual and group): not available at the moment.