Teacher Training Course: Propositional Formal Logic

Program Description

What does this course offer?

"Argumentation and formal logic" - part of the broader theme of Argumentative Rationality and Philosophy - is the first topic on the 11th grade Philosophy syllabus, which indicates its vital importance for understanding the other topics on the syllabus. 

The aim of this training course is precisely to provide teachers with the means and techniques to teach the thematic unit of formal propositional logic, so that, in the teaching-learning process, students acquire the appropriate skills to enable them to adopt a rationally based, reflective and critical attitude both when analyzing philosophical arguments and when discussing their points of view in everyday situations.

What are the objectives?

This course aims to improve teachers' skills in:

  • Formalize natural language arguments in symbolic propositional language;
  • Recognize and use the fundamental logical operators in the evaluation of truth functions;
  • Know forms of valid inference;
  • Correctly apply the principles of logic to assess the (in)validity of arguments;
  • Construct valid arguments and detect formal fallacies;
  • Strengthen logical coherence in the act of reasoning.



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