Master Course in Applied Social Gerontology

Program Description

What does this course offer?

The Master in Applied Social Gerontology is aimed at graduates from the areas of Social and Human Sciences and from the areas of Health, who are already working or intend to work in the field of gerontology. This course is essential for anyone who is in the process of or intends to occupy management/coordination positions in services and institutions for the elderly.

What are the objectives?
  • To understand what gerontology is and its purposes in the context of the aging process and the provision of care for the elderly
  •  To analyse individual, social and community dimensions of the aging process and their repercussions on gerontological practice;
  • To deepen methodologies aimed at promoting the quality of life of the elderly population in the light of the Active Aging paradigm;
  • To understand models of planning, management and evaluation of gerontological programs and services, implemented both in the community and in institutions for the elderly;
  • To design and autonomously carry out an original dissertation or an intervention project in the field of social gerontology.
 What are the career prospects?
  • Technical functions in the field of gerontology;
  • Management/coordination positions in services and institutions for the elderly.
Why choose this course?

The increase in life expectancy observed in recent decades in Portugal has brought with it the importance of gerontological intervention with older people and the contexts in which they live, both in the community and in care facilities.

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