Other Scholarships/Supports

Higher education students can also apply for other support available from public and private entities.

See here the list of entities that provide support to higher education students, in the form of scholarships.

City Councils
Some City Halls grant scholarships or other social benefits to Higher Education students. To find out if the municipality in your area of residence grants scholarships or other benefits you should contact your local council.

Platform searches for scholarships
The European Funding Guide works through an algorithm that presents only those grants, funding and awards that really match each student's individual profile. The 12,000 support programs available cover a wide range of areas for which university students can apply for (financial) support - from living expenses, tuition fees and internships to extra costs for semesters abroad, language courses and costs associated with scientific projects.

Note: The specific conditions for the concession of these scholarships are the responsibility of each promoting entity, and any clarification should be requested to them.