Students involved in the BIP Program go to Budapest

Monday, May 29, 2023 - 18:03

In the week of May 8th to 12th, the face-to-face contact phase of the BIP Project/ Blended Intensive Program entitled Multimedia and Real-life Representations of Global Englishes took place at Kodolányi János University, Department of English Language and Literature.

The project introduced the study of various non-standard forms of English, together with the exposure of their cultural origins, thus expanding the students' worldview in order to make them better communicators in the English language.

This took place over 3 courses on the application and practical analysis of linguistic and communicative contexts, over 3 months, in a hybrid system, with online and face-to-face participation; and involved a teaching team made up of 3 teachers from Bulgaria, 2 from Poland and 1 from Portugal, in addition to the host team, made up of the 5 teachers who idealized the courses that make up the project, led by Profs Viktoria Albert and Judit Szitó.

UCP participated in this BIP with the collaboration of 7 first year students of the Communication Sciences course, accompanied by Prof Luísa Magalhães. The Portuguese students joined their international colleagues (18 from different countries, for a total of 25 participants) and carried out work in pairs, groups and individually, showing great empathy and social and linguistic skills that were recognized by the organizing team.

Estudantes envolvidos no Programa BIP vão a Budapeste