4th. International Conference of Pedagogy | Education, Justice and Human Rights in a changing world

Thursday, February 10, 2022 - 09:00 to Saturday, February 12, 2022 - 13:00

Praça da Faculdade de Filosofia

Praça da Faculdade de Filosofia
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The 4th International Conference of Pedagogy is a space open to debate on issues that are on the agenda, in a troubled and uncertain time, subject to profound social, political, technological and cognitive transformations that never cease to surprise us almost daily.

Alongside these transformations, we are faced with a constant challenge to our beliefs, our ideologies, our truths, namely about the place of education, justice and human rights in the lives of people and societies, since the old certainties that anchored those concepts, which seemed unshakable, now seem to fade as well.

This Conference aims to provide an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of works and research on the place and role of Education in the promotion and implementation of social, cultural and political justice, as well as human rights in a critical and transforming perspective.

The Conference is aimed at academics and professionals, researchers and teachers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society, educators and students, school managers and directors, and all those interested in the themes of Education, Justice and Human Rights.

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Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Braga Regional Centre of the Catholic University of Portugal
Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Universidad de Deusto

Organizing Committee

Carlos Estêvão and José Manuel Martins Lopes (Coordinators)
Ana Paula Pinto (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)
Artur Galvão (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)
João Carlos Onofre Pinto (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)
Manuela Taveira (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)
Maria José Lopes (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)
Paulo Dias (CEFH, FFCS, Braga)