Degree in Communication Sciences

Program Description

The undergraduate course in Communication Studies provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to carry out professional activities and/or pursue Master's studies in the areas of social communication, organizational communication and business communication.

Created in 2005, with a solid theoretical education articulated with practical training applied to the reality of the market, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences offers areas of specialization which prepare outstanding professionals to exercise their profession at a national and international level.

In addition to contacting with the central themes and issues of Communication Sciences, students receive an adequate humanistic and cultural education, indispensable to the performance of communication functions, and have the opportunity to develop skills in areas relevant to the implementation of professional activities.

In order to promote the practical dimension of the training, the study plan includes a curricular internship carried out in media organizations and companies, under the supervision of professionals, and offers the possibility of carrying out extracurricular communication practices throughout the course in the same professional environments.

The area of Communication Studies is complemented at the FFCS by the Master's in Digital Communication, the Postgraduate in Communication in Professional Football, the Master's in Corporate Communication, and other postgraduate and free courses.

Why choose Communication Studies?

Press, radio, television, advertising, marketing, institutional and corporate communication operate in a digital environment.

Communication is done globally and for the global world, demanding from professionals a deep knowledge of the most diverse current issues, as well as the ability to produce unbiased and qualified information.

The increasingly demanding labour market wants young people trained with the basics of professional practices, so the undergraduate degree in communication sciences offers students a writing/design studio, a radio studio, a photography studio, and a television studio equipped with up-to-date hardware and software, as well as the opportunity to have contact with lesturers who know the daily routines of professionals in the field on all platforms.

Among our former students, today there are several journalists, designers, marketeers, and advertisers in the job market.

Deepen your knowledge of languages

In a world marked by globaliation, knowledge of foreign languages is an asset for personal and professional enrichment. The degree in Communication Sciences offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of two languages, allowing them to acquire a high level of competence.

Customise your degree

Specialize in an area of interest

While the first year of the degree is a common core year with introductory curricular units on the major themes in the area of Communication, from the 2nd year on, students will be able to find a specialised and flexible program, being able to choose areas of specialisation, where they will approach the major themes and professional practices in a guided and applied way.

Optional curricular units

Allowing students to reinforce the area of specialisation of their interest, the degree program includes a diverse set of twelve optional curricular units.




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Testimonial - Mariana Machado

Mariana Machado

"Communication is one of humankind's most primal skills. It allows us to tell stories, to tell our history, it marks generations and awakens the creative side in us."