Braga Business Association wants to boost industrial tourism

Thursday, March 7, 2024 - 18:08
Correio do Minho

Yesterday, AEB took tour operators to three companies with the aim of boosting industrial tourism in the region. The business association believes that there is a lot of potential for visitors to explore in this area.

Associação Empresarial de Braga quer potenciar o turismo industrial

The Braga Business Association (AEB) is committed to enhancing industrial tourism in the city and surrounding municipalities, recognizing that the tourism potential of landmark business projects is still not being exploited as it should be.

With the aim of creating conditions that guide tourists towards tours that include commercial and industrial establishments, the AEB has developed, in collaboration with the Tourism degree course at the Braga Regional Center of the Portuguese Catholic University, the 'Braga Business Fam Trips' project, which yesterday brought together operators and students on a visit to the companies 'Serafim da Silva Jerónimo (bells), 'Letra' (craft beer) and 'Nortempresa' (fragrances).

"We really believe in the tourist potential that exists in these industrial companies that manufacture products that have to do with our region," said AEB's director-general, Rui Marques, to the participants in this second session of 'Braga Business Fam Trips'.

He points out that industrial tourism "is booming", but that in the region, despite "business projects with enormous potential" for visitors, this dimension is still little explored.

"With this project, we want to retain as much economic value as possible for the region," said the AEB's director-general, noting that the bell, craft beer and perfume factories that opened their doors yesterday "create unique, branded products that are of enormous value to the region and have enormous potential for visitors."

With the 'Industry and Tourism' fam trip, which followed another one aimed at stores with a history, the AEB wanted to "bring industrial companies closer to tourism operators, so that partnerships can be established" which will result in strengthening the tourism offer.

Rui Marques believes that small cities on a European scale like Braga need to have resources, in addition to monuments and other public facilities, that "retain more visitors".

AEB leaders believe that "tourism is a business area and therefore it is crucial to maximize its economic value when we receive visitors. The aim is to increase the capacity to retain value through tourism".

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