AEB promotes 2nd 'Braga Business Fam Trips' through Braga's industry

Thursday, March 7, 2024 - 16:55
Correio do Minho

"This initiative, in addition to enriching knowledge about the city's history and industrial tradition, aims to strengthen the business fabric by exchanging experiences and promoting networks through partnerships" - Rui Marques

The Braga Business Association (AEB), in collaboration with the Catholic University of Braga, is promoting the 2nd 'Braga Business Fam Trips'.

The 'Industry and Tourism' visit is scheduled for tomorrow, from 2pm to 5pm.

During the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to visit the following companies: Serafim da Silva Jerónimo (Bell Factory); Letra (Craft Beer Factory) and Nortempresa (Perfume Factory), highlighting the crucial role these companies play in preserving the city's cultural identity and economic development.

For AEB's general manager, Rui Marques, it is essential to bring business units closer to the tourism sector, not only to increase the value of the offer presented to tourists, but also to boost the development of the region.

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