CEFH researcher participated of the UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day 2023

Sunday, April 30, 2023 - 18:31

As part of the UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day 2023 activities, the Global Freedom of Expression at Columbia University, together with the Universities of Liverpool and Sheffield, and in partnership with the Worlds of Journalism project, organized the conference Online under the theme "The Role of Academia in Protecting Freedom of Expression as a Driver for Other Human Rights". CEFH researcher Rui Alexandre Novais participated in the event with a presentation entitled "How researching right-wing populist anti-media attacks helps to defend press freedom in Lusophone Countries", which explores how the delegitimization of the media and journalistic professionalism by right, which threatens press freedom, crosses national contexts (Portugal and Brazil) and prevails whether in the struggle for legitimacy on the periphery of the political establishment or in the exercise of the highest functions in power. The communication focused on the recent publications on the topic in the Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies and in the Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, inserted in the project "Mapping risk and uncertainty for journalism and news organizations in Lusophone countries" led by the researcher and based at CEFH.

CEFH - UNESCO2022-Rui Novais