Braga hosts seminar “Inspiring FuTour: the future of tourism professions”

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 15:00

The Business Association of Braga (AEB) and the Catholic University of Braga organize the Seminar “Inspiring FuTour: the future of tourism professions” on the 24th of January, between 9:30 am and 12:45 pm, at the Isidro Alves Auditorium at the Catholic University Portuguese from Braga.

“We are entering a year that will be very challenging for the economy and for companies, and since tourism is such an important sector at an economic level, it is important that we focus on training human resources in this area to guarantee its future. This seminar, which features important personalities in this area, comes to touch on the great challenges and opportunities that this profession will have in this and in the coming years”, says the Director General of AEB, Rui Marques.

Carla Cardoso, director of tourism studies at the Catholic University understands that “The qualification of human resources is essential for the competitiveness of tourism, which is why the Catholic University has a degree and a master's degree in the area in Braga, and it is necessary to make known to the young people and future professionals what challenges they will face as agents in the sector, in order to be able to contribute to the quality of the services provided and the appreciation of the professions”.

Inspiring Futour

9:00 – Opening of the Secretariat
9:30 am – Opening session:

Student of the Degree in Tourism (3rd year)

Mayor of Braga

President of Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal

Coordinator of Studies in Tourism at UCP

President of the Business Association of Braga
10:00 - Panel I – Employability in Tourism: visions for the future
Moderator: Varico Pereira (AEB)
10:00 – Employment in tourism: challenges and opportunities: Pedro Mesquita Sousa (AHRESP)
10:20 – Education and qualification VS talent and skills: the contribution of Universities – Ana Salazar (UCP)
10:35 – Professions with a future: the case of tourism – Carlos Oliveira (José Neves Foundation)*
10:50 – Debate
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:15 – Visit to the photography exhibition “Braga in the eyes of Erasmus students”
11:30 – Panel II – Professions in Tourism: boarding pass for the future
Moderator: Carla Pinto Cardoso (UCP)
11:30 – Jobs of the future: the case of tourism – Rui Marques (AEB)
11:45 – Hospitality – Dr. Jan-Erik Ringertz (The Yetman Hotel)
12:00 – Travel Blogger – Rui Barbosa Batista (BornFreee)
12:30 – Debate
12:45 – Closing – José Manuel Martins Lopes (Director of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences.
*To confirm

This seminar is part of the “Braga: Authentic City” project promoted by AEB, in partnership with the Municipality of Braga. Co-financed by the Support Line for Sustainability in Tourism, this project aims to promote a structured program of interventions that ensure a socially and environmentally sustainable tourist activity, seeking to promote greater and better integration between residents and tourists, improving the quality of life of residents and promoting greater retention of value for the community as a result of tourism.
Participation in this seminar is free, but subject to registration via the link available on the Facebook event or on the websites of the organizers.