UCP Braga and AEB initiative boosts partnership between Braga industry and tourism agents

Thursday, March 7, 2024 - 13:18
Iniciativa da AEB impulsiona parceria entre indústria bracarense e agentes turísticos

Today, March 6, the Braga Business Association (AEB) and the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) - Braga promoted the 2nd edition of the "Braga Business Fam Trips", aimed at tour operators.

Under the motto "Industry and Tourism", this second trip included a visit to three of Braga's industries, in order to highlight the crucial role these institutions play in preserving the city's cultural identity and economic development.

The turnout exceeded expectations and brought together around 30 tourist agents from the region, who were able to learn the secrets behind the production of LETRA beer, explore the aromas of the Nortempresa perfume factory and immerse themselves in the tradition of the 'Serafim da Silva Jerónimo' Bell Factory.

According to Rui Marques, AEB's Director General, this visit is due to the importance of bringing economic agents closer to tour operators, as well as the need to enrich the tourist offer in the city of Braga.

"More than attracting tourists, we're interested in anything that can maximize the value we can retain from tourism in our territory. Tourism makes sense if it helps the region to generate income, employment and progress," he said.

Another highlight of the initiative, according to Rui Marques, is the strengthening of the local business fabric through the exchange of experiences and the active promotion of networks through partnerships.

"The purpose of this initiative is to bring tourism agents closer to these companies so that partnerships can be established, so that these projects can become part of the region's tourism program. In addition to the history and tradition of these industries, there is also the experimentation factor, a dimension that is increasingly valued by tourists," she concluded.

For her part, Carla Cardoso, representing UCP-Braga, highlighted the importance of this initiative for a comprehensive view of the city, thus fostering greater knowledge about the city's history and industrial tradition.

The tour operators who took part in the initiative praised the AEB's initiative for providing these experiences and opportunities to get to know these parts of the city better, also highlighting the humanistic experience it provides through contacts with other partners and the possibility of networking.