Methods and Techniques of Research in Social Sciences I

4 ECTS / Semestral / Português

In a first step, the epistemological, ethical and practical assumptions underlying the
practical assumptions underlying research work in the Social Sciences are analyzed, as well as the steps that compose it. The structure of scientific research based on different paradigms will also be analyzed. After contextualizing the birth of qualitative research in Social Sciences, some methodological procedures related to data survey, treatment and analysis will be studied, namely interview, observation and content analysis. At the end, some perspectives of social research will be presented.

In the second module of this curricular unit, some areas of research that can be enhanced within the scope of Social Work will be presented, as well as the
different steps associated with the construction of a scientific paper. Next, the literature review and the construction of the theoretical framework will be considered, in order to explain the rules associated with the construction of this stage of scientific work. Subsequently, the mechanisms associated with documentary and bibliographic research will be addressed. In this context, clarifications will be given on how this methodological resource is developed and the steps to be followed, as well as information on the places where the student can find documents and bibliographic titles in order to carry out academic work. Finally, the rules regarding the construction of a scientific paper will be presented.


Professor Assistente Convidado
PhD in Social Work at ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, Master in Social Work and Social Policy and Degree in Social Work from the Higher Institute of…