Comparative Mythographies

5 ECTS / Semestre / Português
  • Understand the specificity and the function of myths in Ancient Greece;
  • Know the most relevant mythical stories of the Greek-Latin classical tradition, organized in general thematic units (heroic myths, travel myths, eschatological myths and mysteries)
  • Recognize in the ancient myths one of the means of expression of the imaginary and the collective memory
  • Recognize the recreational power of the mythical imaginary in its relations with the repertoire of Western literature (particularly Portuguese literature) and other areas of artistic expression
  • Analyze the dialectic between cultures as a contribution to the thought of contemporary man.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutoramento em Humanidades (2001), na especialidade de Literatura Latina – área do Humanismo Renascentista em Portugal, com a tese «O Pe. Luís da Cruz, S. J…
Associate Professor
Com licenciatura em Humanidades (1989) e Doutoramento (2007) em Literatura Grega, é Professora Auxiliar da Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais da…