This access regime is aimed at candidates holding a medium or high school degree, Portuguese or foreign, who have attended higher education.

Documentation required for application
  • Completion (complete and correct) of the online application form
  • Civil identification document (Citizen Card/Passport/Residence Permit)
  • Tax identification document
  • Photograph (Passport type)
  • Certificate of Qualifications and Diploma
  • Secondary Certificate and Diploma
  • Curriculum Vitae (updated and documented)


In the case of documents issued abroad, you need:

  1. If the qualifications certificate does not contain an explanation of the classification scale used, as well as the minimum and maximum passing grade, it will be necessary to present the official statement issued by the educational institution containing this information.
  2. Documents issued abroad need to be legalized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority in the issuing country, or contain the Hague Apostille. When they are written in a foreign language other than Spanish or English, the respective translation must be delivered, carried out under the terms provided for in the notarial law.

If you intend to submit a request for academic and/or professional accreditations, the request must be included in the enrollment act.

  1. Credit requests must be accompanied by the following documents:
        a. The. training accreditation
            i. Certificate, (presentation of the original or delivery of a certified copy), which proves the completion of the curricular units and the scope of their realization, as well as the respective classification and ECTS credits (or workloads in their absence) and
            ii. The syllabus of the curricular units, duly validated by the teaching establishment. When training is carried out within the scope of degree-conferring or non-degree-conferring study cycles that are part of UCP's training offer, the respective academic services attach a curricular form of the student's curricular units.
        b. Accreditation of professional experience, under the terms of article 2.º, 1 e) of the present regulation — Academic, professional and scientific curriculum vitae, duly dated and signed, and portfolio which must contain, in an objective and succinct manner, the relevant information for the purposes credit, namely:
            i. Description of the professional and scientific experience accumulated, referring to the date, place and context of the same, as well as the identification of scientific articles or other types of published documents;
            ii. Declaration of the employer(s);
            iii. Presentation of the original or delivery of a certified copy of all training obtained;
            iv. List of learning outcomes, namely: acquired knowledge, skills and abilities.
  2. If this is considered necessary, additional documentation may be requested to that already presented.
  3. The fees fixed annually in the table of fees and tuition fees of the Catholic University of Portugal are due for the instruction of the request for credit.