Program Description

In recent years, wine tourism has gained more and more recognition, both nationally and internationally. The aim of this training is to provide participants with the appropriate skills to develop the planning, management and operation of wine tourism units.

What are the objectives?

To develop the appropriate technical skills for managing, marketing and operating a wine tourism unit. More specific objectives:

  • Acquire the knowledge to manage a wine tourism project;
  • Develop marketing tools and strategies;
  • Acquiring the skills to welcome wine tourists;
  • Strategic planning and commercial management of wine tourism units;
  • Developing wine tourism projects.


It is aimed at graduates and/or specialists in Tourism, Hospitality, Events, Oenology, Management or other areas who wish to deepen their knowledge of wine tourism. It aims to integrate producers, managers of wineries, cellars, farms, hotel units or tourist entertainment companies into specialized training in the field of wine and tourism.




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