“Braga has been committed to sustainable development”

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 13:47
Antena Minho

In front of 250 students from various international centers at the Catholic University, the president of Braga City Council, Ricardo Rio assured that sustainable development has been one of the most discussed topics in the City of Archbishops.

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Braga welcomed, yesterday, around 250 young students, in an international initiative called 'Cycle of Conferences on the Sustainable Development Goals: Global Challenges, Local Actions and Approaches to the SGS's'.

The initiative started at 3 pm with a welcome session for students from the various national and international institutions of the Catholic University present in Braga, which included the participation of Isabel Vasconcelos (vice-rector), João Duque (pro-rector) and Ricardo Rio (president of Braga City Council). This session was also moderated by Carla Pinto Cardoso, also from the Portuguese Catholic University.

The mayor of Braga highlighted the importance of this initiative for the city, highlighting that these young people could one day be the future of Braga.

“It is very important for Braga to welcome these 250 students from the Catholic University from its different centers. Portugal has received many foreign students, with Braga being an example in this field. These students are an enrichment factor for our city, and could one day become future citizens, workers and investors of Braga. Therefore, I consider it very positive that these students come to Braga in this UCP initiative”, began by highlighting the Braga mayor.

Ricardo Rio also pointed out that sustainable development objectives are an important tool for territorial management.

“This is a topic that Braga has been very committed to, because we believe that sustainable development objectives are a very important tool for territorial management. They are a way of looking, in an integrated way, at different and equally important dimensions, from economic development, the social dimension and the environmental dimension”, highlighted the mayor.

The Mayor of Braga also noted that younger age groups are more receptive to debating issues of sustainable development, but that solutions to these problems will only emerge from cooperation between all fringes of society.

“We also understand that we cannot solve one problem at a time, but rather all at the same time. This forces us to be aware of the goals we need to achieve in these areas and also forces us to be able to mobilize all age groups in society. The new generations, as a rule, are able to be more receptive to these issues of sustainable development”, noted Ricardo Rio.

After this session, the young students also had the opportunity to visit the historic center of Braga, and the students said goodbye to the City of Archbishops at the end of the day.

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