Alumnus from Católica Braga nominated for Pastoral Service

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - 13:06
Arquidiocese de Braga
Padre José Miguel Fraga Cardoso

Dom José Manuel Garcia Cordeiro, Metropolitan Archbishop of Braga and Primate of Spain, in response to the request of the Holy See, authorized Father José Miguel Fraga Cardoso, alumnus of the Theology course at the Catholic University of Portugal - Braga Regional Center to join the Dicastery for the Culture and Education of the Roman Curia, for a period of five years.

The Dicastery for Culture and Education, we read in Praedicate Evangelium, number 153, "works for the development of human values within the horizon of Christian anthropology, contributing to the full realization of the following of Jesus Christ". The Dicastery "is made up of the Section for Culture, dedicated to the promotion of culture, pastoral animation and the enhancement of the cultural heritage, and the Section for Education, which develops the fundamental principles of education with reference to schools, institutes of higher studies , research of Catholics and ecclesiastics and is competent for hierarchical appeals in such matters".

This Dicastery is born from the unification of the Congregation for Catholic Education with the Pontifical Council for Culture.