Católica Talks arrive in Braga

Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 16:16

On the 24th of May, the Catholic University of Portugal – Braga Regional Center will open the Isidro Alves Auditorium, at 11:30 am, for the first session of Católica Talks.

The topic under discussion will be “A(rtificial) in(intelligence) has reached everyday life: implications for education”, which corresponds to an area whose development is recent and has an enormous media and social impact.

Paulo Novais is the lecturer at this event and is a full professor at the University of Minho, in the area of Computer Science, as well as coordinator of the PhD Program in Informatics. Reputed researcher in the field of Intelligent Systems / Artificial Intelligence, he has been invited to collaborate with several institutions, from the European Commission, FCT, A3ES, FCG, among others.

Católica Talks is an initiative whose primary objective is to debate topics of great relevance to the academic community, as well as to the surrounding society.

Admission is free.

Católica Talks chegam a Braga