Book Presentation | Sewing Room - António Machado

Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 17:00

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - CRB

Rua de Camões
BragaSão Vicente, Braga4710-362
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On December 7th, at 5pm, the presentation of the book "Quarto de Costura", by António Machado, will take place at the Pe. Júlio Fragata Library, SJ of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) - Braga. 

Quarto de Costura _ António Machado

"The poet's workshop is tempered in the allegorical images of the sewing room, as well as those of the vegetable garden and farmland, as well as those of the textile factory, as well as those of the streets and paths (...) The poem is the place of knowledge of the world: in each conceptualization, the poet exposes in living flesh what he knows about it and how he knows it (...)." - José Machado (from the preface).

"But there is somewhere around there a whirlwind that approaches the light, and the heat of the sewing room, where the tacks tear into the threads (...)" - Ana Paula Pinto.


Intervention I | Ana Paula Pinto (Teacher at UCP - Braga)
Poem Reading I - “Garganta” | Mário Malheiro (Librarian - Theology Library)
Intervention II | José Machado (Brother of the author, Cultural Animator, Retired Professor and PhD student at UCP - Braga)
Reading of Poem II - “The engineer” | Luísa Lisboa (UCP student)
Closing | Antonio Machado
Reading of Poem III - “Patrão (version 2)” | Paulo Santos (Friend of the author, Psychologist, Mentor of the "Face to Face - Book to Book" Movement)
Autograph session


António Machado

António Machado


Born on April 18, 1965, he has a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Minho since 1988. He developed his career in the area of Information Technology (IT), working as IT Director at Coelima Indústrias Têxteis and IT Manager at Felpinter. He is currently a Systems Engineer at Universidade Católica Portuguesa-Braga, where he contributes significantly to innovation and technology within the educational sector.