Tourism and Literary Routes

5 ECTS / Semestre / Português
  • Understand the relationship between tourism, culture, literature and heritage;
  • Value the memory and preservation of space through the literary tradition;
  • Identify the importance of the tradition of travel theme in cultural history
  • Know how territory and landscape interact with tourist guides and itineraries
  • Analyze the contribution of literary tourism for the preservation of heritage
  • Assimilate the relevance of contemporary tourist imaginary
  • Thinking about the economic and social importance of literary and cultural tourism
  • Develop theoretical and practical skills in order to develop a literary itinerary, from the analysis and case study.


Associate Professor
Doutoramento em Humanidades - especialidade de Teoria da Literatura pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa em 2003. É Professor Associado na Universidade…
Professor Auxiliar
Doutoramento em Humanidades (2001), na especialidade de Literatura Latina – área do Humanismo Renascentista em Portugal, com a tese «O Pe. Luís da Cruz, S. J…