Portuguese Literature: from Romanticism to Realism

5 ECTS / Semestral / Português
  • Know in a panoramic way the major trends of Portuguese literary history of the nineteenth century, shapers of the eighteenth-century literary modernity;
  • Reflect on the historical and cultural phenomena of the emergence and affirmation of aesthetics and poetics of Romanticism and Realism in Portugal
  • Recognize the fruitfulness of foreign influences on the evolution of Portuguese literary history in this period
  • Critically analyze poetic-doctrinaire texts of these literary periods
  • Read critically some selected literary works of the literary canon of this historical-literary period;
  • Problematize plurally the construction of the literary works studied: linguistic-stylistic, imagetic, thematic and ideological dimension;
  • Assimilate critical-hermeneutic competences for reading other literary works of these periods.


Associate Professor
Doutoramento em Humanidades - especialidade de Teoria da Literatura pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa em 2003. É Professor Associado na Universidade…