Medieval Portuguese Literature

5 ECTS / Semestral / Português
  • Know the historical and cultural context of troubadour poetry;
  • Characterize songs of friend, love, mockery and cursing;
  • Interpret selected texts of poetry of the troubadours
  • Understand the historical and cultural relevance of chivalric novels
  • Recognize the historical context of the Iberian Peninsula in the kingdoms covered by the Chronicles of Fernão Lopes
  • Comment thematic aspects and positions of the chronicler before the society and historical characters
  • Analyze selected texts of the Chronicles of Fernão Lopes
  • Identify issues of style in the work of the chronicler
  • Contextualize the Vincentian theater in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Know the historical and cultural context of the time of the discoveries
  • Recognize in Gil Vicente's work a critical view of society;
  • Interpret selected works of Gil Vicente.


Professor Associado
João Amadeu Oliveira Carvalho da Silva, professor associado na Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP). Doutorado em Humanidades, na área da literatura…