Literature and Canon

5 ECTS / Semestre / Português
  • To situate the problem of the canon in the fields of literary studies, from Literary Theory to Comparative Literature;
  • Define the classical notion of literary canon;
  • Identify forms of institutionalization of the canon;
  • Articulate the literary canon and the emergence of modern nations;
  • Problematize what is a classical author or work;
  • Question the axial notion of value in literature;
  • Correlate the national tradition and the canon;
  • Know old controversies about the formation of the literary canon;
  • Rethink the literary canon today;
  • Relate the debate about the canon with ideological and social contexts;
  • Demonstrate the desacralizing functionality of parody;
  • Demonstrate the impact of the debate about the canon on the teaching of literature.


Associate Professor
Doutoramento em Humanidades - especialidade de Teoria da Literatura pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa em 2003. É Professor Associado na Universidade…