Culture and Ecology

5 ECTS / Semestral / Português


  • Identify the drivers of the worsening environmental crisis;
  • Reflect on the right relationship between human beings and nature;
  • Recognize that the environmental crisis is transversal to all areas of human life;
  • Deepen the requirements of a critical and active ecological awareness personally and socially;
  • Discuss the place of environmental education;
  • To foster an attitude of commitment and ethical-environmental responsibility of planetary scope;
  • Apply ethical, aesthetic and philosophical thinking, generating responses to environmental problems and the ecological crisis.


  • Contextualize the evolution of the presence of landscape in the literary tradition;
  • Identify the active presence of aesthetic-literary codes and of a topic until the Romantic modernity and the present time;
  • Problematize the new critical-literary orientations of landscape valuation and the development of ecocritical perspectives
  • Critically analyze two literary works from different eras, with distinct ecological consciousnesses.


Associate Professor
Doutoramento em Humanidades - especialidade de Teoria da Literatura pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa em 2003. É Professor Associado na Universidade…
Professor Associado
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