AEB promotes "Braga Business Fam Trips"

Monday, February 12, 2024 - 14:42
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The first "immersive trip for tourist agents" will take place on January 31st and will tour some of the city's businesses

AEB promove "Braga Business Fam Trips"

The "Braga Business Fam Trips" project is the latest initiative of the Braga Business Association (AEB), in collaboration with the Municipality of Braga and the Catholic University of Braga. It involves immersive trips for tourist agents, allowing them to immerse themselves in Braga's local culture and enrich their knowledge of the city's history and commercial tradition, while strengthening the local business fabric. The main objectives of the "Braga Business Fam Trips" are therefore to increase knowledge about what the city has to offer, to foster a sense of pride in the city to be "shown" to visitors and also to promote the exchange of experiences and networking through partnerships.

AEB's director general, Rui Marques, explains that with the "Braga Business Fam Trips", participants will have the opportunity to get to know the city better and discover all the opportunities it has to offer. "One of the distinctive characteristics of our region is the entrepreneurship and dynamism of our businesspeople and this means that Braga has a number of tourist assets that go far beyond the usual, namely monuments, squares and churches. Braga has a very important set of stores, establishments and industries with a history of great value to the city and the region, which can and should be exploited from a tourist point of view," he argued. It is in this context that the AEB will be promoting exclusive trips for tour operators, so that they can gain an in-depth knowledge of the various establishments that they can include and enrich in their programs for visiting Braga. In Rui Marques' opinion, it's essential to bring together and incorporate business units in the tourism sector, not only to increase the value of the offer to tourists, but also to boost the development of the region.

 "The tourism sector is an economic activity and so we have to retain as much economic value as possible whenever someone visits us. We can direct tourists to take mixed routes that involve the city's tourist assets, but also business units. Ultimately, the aim is to increase this capacity to retain value through tourism and thereby generate more income, more jobs and more progress," he said. To start this new project, AEB plans to hold three "Braga Business Fam Trips". The first, to be held on January 31st from 2pm to 5pm, will focus on Commerce with History, visiting the companies Mercado São João, Pereira das Violas, Paramentaria Vasconcelos and A Negrita.

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