“Talent for the Future” in debate at the National Open Day of Católica

Friday, March 10, 2023 - 17:56

“We want to train professionals who are aware that they are going to contribute to the good of society, for the common good”. It was with these words that Isabel Capeloa Gil, Rector of the UCP, opened the main session of the 5th edition of the Open Day Nacional Católica “Talent for Future”.

Isabel Capeloa Gil identified as a distinctive factor in Catholic teaching “the ability to train competent professionals with humanist values, prepared for the complex challenges of the world we live in”.

In a world in constant change, it is not always easy to know which course to choose, nor which college to study. It was with the aim of helping secondary school students to clarify their doubts that Católica once again organized this event, which is now in its 5th edition.

What are the main doubts when choosing the course and how to overcome them? What is it like to be a student at Católica? What skills are employers looking for and how do they see the future of their professional areas? These were some of the issues under discussion at this event.

“The importance of curiosity, the will to learn and creativity” was underlined by Francisco Pedro Balsemão, CEO of Grupo Impresa, referring to what companies look for when recruiting recent graduates.

“When we look at curricula, we always look for training, which is fundamental, and here Católica stands out for its unique brand”, he began by referring. “And secondly, we are interested in people's experience, whether in practical terms, but also in terms of extracurricular experiences, and we must value this through empathy and teamwork”, he highlighted.

From the point of view of Leonor Sérgio, a 1st year student at the Faculty of Medicine, the most important thing is “the innovative teaching method that really helps to understand the subject, but also develops communication skills and critical thinking”.

For Mónica Dias, Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Studies, “Catholic transmits knowledge, but also awareness and responsibility, characterized by the ability to try to respond to today's challenges”.

Throughout the 8th of March, between 10 am and 7 pm, candidates were able to contact directly with elements of all UCP faculties, at the virtual stands, to obtain personalized and real-time information about the courses at Católica. From 12:00, it was possible to watch the presentations of the Faculties by their representatives and directors.

The main session of this event took place at 4:30 pm, in live streaming. It was a moment of reflection and debate about “Talent for the Future”, with the presence of the Rector of UCP, Isabel Capeloa Gil, and moderation by João Póvoa Marinheiro, journalist and former student of the Faculty of Human Sciences at Católica.

This session was attended by entrepreneurs Francisco Pedro Balsemão, CEO of Grupo Impresa, and Ana Salomé Martins, People and Development Director of Grupo Symington. Two professors from Católica were part of the discussion panels: Mónica Dias and Patrícia Pontifice de Sousa, alumnae Maria Oliveira (Henkel) and Francisca Magano (UNICEF Portugal), and eight current UCP students.