Psychology Student Center – NEP


The Psychology Student Center – NEP-UCP, aims to unite and support Psychology course students, in order to promote a close relationship between 1st and 2nd cycle students, promoting initiatives at the pedagogical, scientific, professional and culture in the field of Psychology.

We commit to representing and supporting Psychology students at the Portuguese Catholic University – Braga Regional Center; to collaborate with the competent bodies of the UCP in carrying out initiatives; provide and publicize opportunities for academic and personal development, prioritizing the interests of students, as well as the needs of teachers on the respective course; promote and develop initiatives/activities, with a view to enriching the training and interests of students in the field of Psychology; establish cooperation agreements with entities within the scope of their responsibilities and which aim to publicize NEP-UCP activities; collaborate with other student organizations.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Psicologia – NEP

Who is our team?


President| Melissa Carvalho
Vice President | Joana Fernandes
Secretary | Rita Mota
Treasurer | Teresa Paiva

Remaining members

Sofia Lopes, Sofia Veloso, Margarida Ribeiro, Barbara Abreu, Isabel Brito e Faro, Maria Cação, Adriana Magalhães, Cláudia Henriques, Vanessa Alves, Daniela Fumega, Cristiana Silva, Bruna Eira, Micaela Francisco, Ana Vilaverde, Joana Silva e Mafalda Siva.