5 ECTS / Semestral / Português
  • Rethinking Literature in the global world;
  • Relate literature to a geography without borders;
  • Correlate the concepts of History of Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature;
  • Question the teaching of literature in a globalized horizon;
  • Articulate Literature and the imagined communities;
  • Consider Literature in a multicultural context;
  • Problematize the literary dynamics and circulation between literary systems;
  • Establish articulations between Memory and Literature;
  • Think the Memory from various knowledges;
  • Critically elaborate various types of Memory;
  • Think critically the multiple relationships between Memory and Literature



Associate Professor
Doutoramento em Humanidades - especialidade de Teoria da Literatura pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa em 2003. É Professor Associado na Universidade…