Catholic University of Braga wants to reach 1500 students

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - 11:27
Diario do Minho

Academia is betting big on technology

The Braga Regional Center of the Portuguese Catholic University is in the process of expanding the number of students and has the capacity to receive twice as many, said the president yesterday, moments before the Eucharistic celebration commemorating the National Day of the UCP in the Cathedral of Braga. The number of students at Católica-Braga is stabilized at around 1,000, but according to João Duque this number "needs to expand a little", and there is the possibility of doing so with "ease" up to 1,500.

"We have no intention, nor is there any need, to expand much further, given the population and the other good universities that exist in Minho," he added. This goal could be achieved with the strong investment that UCP is making in the area of technology and will continue to make in the near future. "UCP doesn't exactly have a very strong technology area. Lately it has invested heavily in medicine and technologies are also very necessary for medicine and other courses," said João Duque. Last year, Católica Braga started a Data Science course (an Institute of Computing and Data Science was created) and during this academic year it will launch a training academy for executives mainly in the area of management and training in law applied to management. UCP soon hopes to have a management area in Braga for undergraduate training.