Católica debated challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 15:43
Diario do Minho

Yesterday, at the Isidro Alves auditorium of the Catholic University (Braga), an open conference took place within the scope of the Católica Talks initiative. Lecturer was professor and researcher at the University of Minho Paulo Novais, reputed specialist in Computer Science.

In front of an interested and heterogeneous audience, this specialist addressed the topic of the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in people's daily lives. Making a brief history of AI and commenting on many examples, he focused especially on the challenges that AI poses today, starting from the field of Education. Tools like Chat-GPT are an example of the arrival of AI in people's lives, among many other ways that are changing our daily lives.

In any case, these accelerated developments in AI trigger well-founded concerns at various levels, whether of the current development of knowledge, or questions of an ethical nature, among others.

Católica Talks is a UCP initiative, held in its various regional centers (Lisbon, Porto and Braga), which aims to develop critical thinking on some of the most current issues in society, through an open debate, guided by humanist concerns.

This cultural program will continue with open lectures on other current topics.

Católica Talks debate desafios da Inteligência Artificial - tpf