UCP Braga professors participate in Springer Nature Group publication

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - 15:15

Luísa Magalhães, Maria José Ferreira Lopes, Bruno Nobre, João Carlos Onofre Pinto, researchers at the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University are the editors of the next volume 5 of the Happiness Studies Book Series, a publication belonging to the Springer Nature Group, a prestigious publishing house indexed in the most demanding scientific networks, Web Of Science and SCOPUS.

Volume 5, Humanistic Perspectives in Happiness Research, provides innovative perspectives on the academic connection between humanities research and the concept of happiness. It considers and explores narrative expressions of happiness in conjunction with recent research on happiness, its metrics and objective perceptions of human well-being. 

The authors relate timeless humanistic values to various perspectives within the social and behavioral sciences, thus covering a broad interdisciplinary framework, from philosophy, psychology, literary studies and communication sciences. The philosophers in this volume discuss the achievement of happiness through the cultivation of virtue, as well as the logic of the gift as an experience of personal fulfillment and the fact that happiness is inextricably linked to hope. Several chapters take up the approach of the ongoing human struggle to generate global horizons of happiness and thus achieve eternal bliss.

Scholars from other areas of the humanities and communication consider the positive messages of environmental happiness on virtual platforms, where Homo digitalis finds happiness at the click of a button, often under the endorsement of celebrities, or under the visual enjoyment of playful objects. They also present the intertextual memory of happiness as a condition for humanist research.

Finally, this volume considers the sphere of education as the best place to apply the results of sustainable happiness measurement and research, and to realize this humanistic and complementary perspective on happiness research.

The editor-in-chief of the Happiness Studies Book Series is Professor Antonella Delle Fave, a doctor specializing in clinical psychology and professor of psychology at the University of Milan, Italy.


Ana Paula Pinto & Maria José Ferreira Lopes

The critical limits of human condition, between hybris and aristeia

Cândido Martins Plural representations of happiness in contemporary literature: between the dramatic and the humorous

Bruno Nobre & João Carlos Onofre Pinto

Virtues as a resilience factor in the human pursuit for happiness

Luísa Magalhães

The communicative role of TV toy advertising in fostering children happiness through play interaction
Ângela Leite, Ana Costa, Paulo Dias The effect of education in happiness: Lower at the micro level of individuals than at the macro level of the nation