Methodology created by Celmira Macedo considered one of the 100 most innovative in the world

Thursday, November 3, 2022 - 15:55
CEFH - Celmira Macedo Noticia 2022

The HundrED Global Collection 2023 distinguished the EKUI methodology developed by Celmira Macedo, researcher at the CEFH of the Universidade Católica (Braga Regional Centre - CRB), as one of the 100 most innovative in the world, on 26 October, in Helsinki. 

EKUI, the first Portuguese methodology awarded by HundrED, is a multisensory method of universal and inclusive design that combines four forms of communication, namely graphics (letters), Braille code, Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) and Phonetic Alphabet (sounds and ways of articulating them).

The methodology was created by the CRB professor in 2003, when she worked as a teacher of children with learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and cognitive limitations, and stood out among the more than three thousand methodologies evaluated by HundrED Global Collection.

"It is the first time that a Portuguese entity is recognised by this organisation in this country of excellence, where the best educational processes in the world are found. We were considered among the one hundred best in the world and the only Portuguese ever", explained Celmira Macedo.

For more information please visit EKUI methodology wesite.