Católica Braga lecturer presents book by Miguel Ayres de Campos-Tovar

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - 19:03
Docente da Católica Braga apresenta livro de Miguel Ayres de Campos-Tovar

On March 16, at 3 p.m., José Carlos Miranda, lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences - Portuguese Catholic University, presented Miguel Ayres de Campos-Tovar's book, entitled “Towards an Interpretation of the Monastery: Tibães from space to experience, from materiality to symbolism”, in the Chapter Room of the Tibães Monastery (Braga).

Miguel Ayres de Campos-Tovar is currently a researcher on the VINCULUM project (Univ. Nova / FCT), coordinated by Prof. Maria de Lurdes Rosa.

He has a PhD in Art History, Medieval Studies (2020), with the thesis: “Mirabilia depicta: image and imagination in the medieval Wonders of the East tradition”. 

Among his most recent publications: Discovering the manor houses of Ribeira Lima: an itinerary (2024); and The McCarthy Collection V: Medieval European Sculpture, co-authored with Charles T. Little, emeritus curator of medieval art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, London: Paul Holberton Publishing (2023).