Quotidian life in the Ancient World

5 ECTS / Semestre / Português
  • Know the distinctive marks of architecture, sculpture and painting in Greece and Rome
  • Apprehend the periodization and the styles of Greek pottery
  • Identify the main architects, sculptors and painters of the Classical Antiquity
  • Frame the spiritual productions of antiquity in the continuum of human activity, in a diachronic perspective
  • Understand the genesis and the transformations of the great artistic genres
  • Relate these transformations with the cultural and social context
  • Enhance the memory of the Olympic spirit
  • Characterize the importance of the Roman Family, with its ceremonies and rituals
  • Mention some accessories of the male and female "toilette" in Rome
  • Understand the importance of animals in the ancient world
  • Understand how the passion for luxury conditioned the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire
  • Apprehend fundamental aspects of religiosity in Greece and Rome
  • Encourage the development of critical and creative reflection, taking into account the specificity of society in Classical Antiquity


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